Tradebe Responds to Remove Hazardous Waste from Flooded Midwest Region

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June 11, 2019; Tradebe USA News: Chemical Waste Collection, Cleanup -  Iowa and surrounding Midwest region of the US

Tradebe Responds to Flooded Areas in the Midwest to Assist with Hazardous Waste Removal, Chemical Waste Collection and Recycling...

Flooded areas in Iowa, the midwestern US and beyond have been inundated with rainfall that has not let up.  Tradebe has been responding throughout these flooded areas for the last several weeks of May and now into June. 

Tradebe's Disaster Emergency Response team is ready to continue moving into other counties and states as needed.   As floodwaters recede and our teams are given the ok to respond and get into those areas - we remobilize and continue on with the cleanup and removal of hazardous waste, collecting chemical waste and other toxic materials.tradebe-responds-hazardous-waste-cleanup-midwest-floods


Our crews responding to these flood areas include emergency response technicians, professional drivers and highly-trained chemists. The equipment mobilized includes tractor trailers, skid steers, service vans and also special all-terrain vechicles, ATVs.  Tradebe's ATVs have allowed our crews to access alleys and other tight areas where our large fleet equipment cannot access making them priceless in these Disaster Response situations.

Sadly, the waste being collected is in such a large volume that it is being collected by the trailer-load in these flooded areas.  However, the good news is that due to the fast response of everyone involved including the cooperation and support of the residents of these communities, we are able to safely remove these dangerous materials before they cause more damage and/or harm to the environment. 

Materials that have been removed include paints, oils, chemical liquids, fertilizers, pesticides and other hazardous materials.  The waste has been collected and segregated by Tradebe's crews then each was identified, categorized for best handling and then packaged for safe removal.  


"It's always a pretty sinking feeling, knowing these people are affected this way," Tradebe Field Service Manager Eric Nantais said.  As many residents from the flooded areas arrived with their household waste chemicals to have Tradebe's crews remove them, there was an obvious respect for the environment and a desire to do what could be done to prevent further harm to the environment.  Eric Nantais continued by saying, "It shows that everyone is doing all they can to be a good steward of the environment and their neighborhoods where they live," Nantais said. 


As Tradebe crews fill trailers with the hazardous waste removed from the flooded areas, the waste is then being transported to Tradebe's Treatment, Storage, Disposal Facility, (TSDF) in East Chicago, IN for Chemical Depacking and then final Treatment, Recycling or Disposal depending on the best environmental option for each type of waste collected.



At Tradebe, our priorities are Safety and the Protection of People and the Environment.  Our team is among the highest trained and most experienced spill responders with decades in this business.   

Do you have a standby Emergency Responder and an Updated Emergency Response Plan for your operations? 

Contact us now, before an emergency happens.  We can assist you with planning and preparing for the unexpected.






Tradebe is one of the largest global companies in the environmental service industry serving various markets including industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas and more. As a global business dedicated to sustainable waste management, we seek the greenest waste solutions possible with a priority on recycling and recovery. 

We recycle over 60% of the waste we process.

In the United States, Tradebe’s network of facilities includes fully permitted TSDFs and regional 10-day service centers positioned throughout the country.  We maintain a fully permitted transportation fleet operating throughout this network to service our clients’ diverse transport requirements.



EMERGENCY SERVICES INCLUDE:                                                                 

  • SPILL RESPONSE - OIL, CHEMICAL, HAZARDOUS MATERIALS                                                  

  • Emergency Pump-outs
  • Emergency Labpacking
  • High-Hazard and Reactive Stabilization                                                                          
  • Cylinder Management Incidents
  • Marine/Waterway Spills
  • Disaster Response
  • Standby Emergency Response
  • Unplanned Plant Outage Response
  • Sustainable Waste Management 
  • and more...


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