Sustainability at Work

From the beginning, our mission as an organization has been to care for the environment and promote sustainable growth in an ever-changing society. This mission is now more critical than ever before, in the context of continuously rising risks of climate change and the urgent need for individuals, businesses, and public entities to take action. 


At Tradebe, we want to lead by example as a company that serves a broader purpose: to support the growth of industry solutions that promote greater social wellbeing while preserving our world for future generations.


We have the drive, capability, and commitment needed to contribute to sustainable industrial development by promoting the circular economy, and are devoted to finding new ways to minimize the impact of our customers and our own industrial processes on the environment and on the communities where we live and work.


In close alignment with the principles of the Waste Hierarchy, we offer our customers a Total Waste Management concept providing flexible, innovative, and technologically driven solutions to meet their environmental goals, with an emphasis on reusing and recycling


In regards to our operations, among other initiatives, we take the fight against climate change by committing to reduce the natural and material resources used in our treatment methods, as well as to reduce the carbon footprint of our work centers through the decarbonization of the energy consumed.


More details about our environmental actions, commitments, and results are included in the Global Sustainability Report 2021 [Download]