Lab Pack Services

Tradebe's Lab Pack / Chemical Waste Packaging, Recycling and Disposal Services

Our professional chemists have provided technical services including Chemical Waste Recycling and Disposal in the US since 1986. 

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Tradebe's Technical Services also include:


Tradebe’s highly trained chemists are experienced and knowledgable in handling virtually all hazardous chemical types that accumulate as a natural part of work, production or research.


Typically, these chemicals are obsolete, off-spec, leaking or unidentified and frequently stored in an unsafe manner.

They are potentially dangerous if left unattended. Chemical identification and management is a job for knowledgeable professionals. Hundreds of different chemicals can often be found at just one site.





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Experience and knowledge - there is no substitute!


Our Clients

Clients that choose Tradebe to manage their waste chemicals with an environmentally sound, safe turnkey service include:

  • Hospitals,
  • Medical facilities,
  • Government agencies,
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech,
  • Research laboratories,
  • Life Sciences
  • Academic institutions - Educational institutions of all kinds including colleges, universities, high schools, trade schools, etc
  • All types of Laboratories and more



Tradebe is commited to the waste hierarchy focusing on reclaim, recycle and reuse

We recycle or dispose of your chemical waste using the Best Demonstrated Available Technologies, BDAT. 

As an environmental services leader, our team is well versed in proper protocol and highly skilled in handling this wastes safely and effectively.




Choosing a Lab Pack Vendor to Ensure Compliance  

What is a "Lab Pack"?

What do Tradebe Chemists do on site as part of the Lab Pack Service?


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