Lab Pack Services


Lab Pack Services

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Tradebe provides customers nationwide the industry’s most complete and cost-effective Lab Pack service. 

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Since 1986, our dedicated Lab Pack team has been helping academic institutions, development laboratories, hospitals, research centers, government installations and more manage their  obsolete, off-spec, unidentified or improperly stored chemicals with an environmentally sound, turn key service.

Our expert team will identify and categorize all chemicals, prepare a complete inventory, package all chemicals according to strict DOT and EPA specifications, label and transport your lab pack chemicals to one of our fully equipped TSDF facilities for processing.



TRADEBE Degreed Chemists package small quantities of laboratory waste on site per DOT Guidelines.  Once the chemicals arrive at our specialized Depack Facility, we safely and efficiently segregate lab pack chemicals in order to recycle as much material as possible.  The remaining material is disposed of using the best available disposal technology.  The market segments we serve are: educational, industrial, government, research and municipal household hazardous waste collections.

As an industry leader in Lab Pack Services, our team is well versed in Lab Pack protocol and highly skilled in handling this type of material safely and effectively

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Lab Pack ... What is it?

A Lab Pack is a term used to describe a container - typically a 55 gallon fiber or steel drum - filled with various small quantity containers of laboratory chemicals. The  small containers within the drum are usually packed in an inert material such as vermiculite or other such material that allows safe transport of the waste chemicals. 

Tradebe has the staff and technology to handle virtually all chemical types that accumulate as a natural part of work, production or research. Typically, these chemicals are obsolete, offspec, leaking or unidentified and frequently stored in an unsafe manner. They are potentially dangerous if left unattended. Lab Pack chemical identification and management is a job for knowledgeable professionals. Hundreds of different chemicals can often be found at just one site. That is why with this job, experience counts.


  • Classify, segregate, and package all chemical waste
  • Identify all chemicals
  • Prepare a detailed chemical inventory
  • Package all chemicals in DOT approved containers
  • Satisfy all DOT and EPA labeling requirements
  • Prepare a manifest
  • Ship Lab Packs to our T SDF facility for processing

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Communities and municipalities need a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way to manage Household Hazardous Waste.  Household hazardous waste (HHW) is defined as any solid waste classified as hazardous which is generated in a household by a consumer. Major categories of household hazardous materials are household cleaners; paint products; pesticides and fertilizers; automotive products; and arts and crafts-related solvents and thinners. 

Most of the waste we collect is processed through our shredders. The resulting product is beneficially used as a fossil fuel replacement in cement kilns.  Tradebe Technical Field Services team handles all the details. 

The number of sites and length of program can vary.  One-day events are typically held once per year. The one site/one time period approach is most applicable to small communities and requires less capital investment.  In addition, Tradebe also works with communities that run Permanent Collection Sites. The permanent sites increase participation by increasing convenience. You choose the program that best fits your needs and Tradebe will help make it a success.