Non-Haz Solids Stabilization & Disposal

TRADEBE Treatment and Recycling, LLC manages a wide variety of non-hazardous wastes including water-based inks, pastes and glues, latex paints, glycols and adhesives.  These wastes tend to have a higher water composition, with little or no fuel value, and generally do not meet the criteria for our fuel blending process. 

TRADEBE has dedicated non-hazardous waste processing areas at our Indiana and Tennessee locations. We bulk non-hazardous liquids and sludge for solidification and landfill. In addition, TRADEBE bulks debris such as wood, plastic and rags for energy recovery and shreds debris to comply with Subtitle D landfill standards


TRADEBE cost effectively manages both drummed and bulk non-hazardous waste.


Stabilization and Chemical Fixation

Characteristic hazardous wastes that carry the D001 (for oxidizing wastes only), D002, D004-D011 codes and do not contain underlying hazardous constituents with concentrations above the universal treatment standards and those which are also exempt from sub part CC regulations (<500ppm voc) are acceptable materials for our chemical stabilization process.

Typical wastes include heavy metal compounds, acids and acid sludges, electrical/electronic waste, inorganic chemical and petrochemical waste, incinerator, boiler and industrial furnace residues, multi-source leachates, general debris and inorganic waste containing <30% oil and grease.

The basic stabilization operation immobilizes the leachable metals by combining the waste with stabilization agents such as lime or cement kiln dust. 
The process produces a non-hazardous cement-like material. These chemical bonding agents form a solid structure around the waste that binds the contaminated material into a solid, non-leachable mass safe for landfill disposal.
Acid and caustic wastes are neutralized and oxidizers will be reduced.

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