Tradebe Participates in Spill Drill in Nashville, TN

Tradebe Participates in Spill Drill in Nashville, TN
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May 2019, Emergency Response Spill Drill - Nashville, TN

Tradebe's Industrial Field Service Emergency Response Team recently participated in a Spill Drill on the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville, TN. 

This Spill Drill scenario was a simulation of a hijacking of a barge that ran aground and subsequently spilled.   Our participation was in conjunction through our partnership with NMAA (Nashville Mutual Assistance Association). Tradebe's Emergency Spill Response team from Goodlettsville, TN worked alongside the Coast Guard, Fire and local law enforcement. tradebe-emergency-response-spill-drill

Spill Drills are an important part of preparedness for emergencies, spills and natural disasters.  The act of planning and being prepared is the key to mitigating the damages to the environment especially when our waterways, rivers, streams and oceans are in close proximity.  Fast Response Time is of the essence in order to limit your liabilities and the lasting effects on the environment and people. 

At Tradebe, our priorities are Safety and the Protection of People and the Environment.  Our team is among the highest trained and most experienced spill responders in the business.  

Be prepared for the unforeseen!  Nothing can take the place of planning and being prepared when emergencies happen.   Do you have a standby Emergency Responder and an Updated Emergency Response Plan for your operations?



Contact us now, before an emergency happens.  We can assist you with planning and preparing.




In the United States, Tradebe’s network of facilities includes fully permitted TSDFs and regional 10-day service centers positioned throughout the country.  We maintain a fully permitted transportation fleet operating throughout this network to service our clients’ diverse transport requirements.



ER SERVICES INCLUDE:                                                                 

  • SPILL RESPONSE - OIL, CHEMICAL, HAZARDOUS MATERIALS                                                  

  • Emergency Pump-outs
  • Emergency Labpacking
  • High-Hazard and Reactive Stabilization                                                                          
  • Cylinder Management Incidents
  • Marine/Waterway Spills
  • Disaster Response
  • Standby Emergency Response
  • Unplanned Plant Outage Response
  • Sustainable Waste Management 
  • and more...



Tradebe is one of the largest global companies in the environmental sector serving various markets including industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas and more. As a global business dedicated to sustainable waste management, we seek the greenest waste solutions possible with a priority on recycling and recovery.  We recycle over 60% of the waste we process.

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