Energy Recovery / Fuels Blending

RCRA/BIF Cement Kiln Waste-To-Energy Use

For approximately 25 years, TRADEBE Treatment and Recycling, LLC has processed hazardous waste into fuel for cement kilns.  By using an onsite shredder and chemical expertise, we consistently produce a uniform fuel from a wide variety of viable hazardous waste.  By using hazardous waste as a fuel, cement kiln recycling reduces the consumption of fossil fuels by the equivalent of 1 million tons of coal annually.

TRADEBE adheres to the Responsible Recycling Hierarchy. We send our processed waste products to permitted RCRA/BIF cement kilns located across the country, or to Norlite Corporation, our subsidiary located in Cohoes, NY.  All cement kilns serviced by TRADEBE meet the Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) combustion standards. The combustion of organic hazardous wastes at high temperatures in cement kilns is the Best Demonstrated Available Technology (BDAT) for treating high BTU hazardous wastes.  

Tradebe's Subsidiary, Norlite Corporation, operates two high-temperature rotary kilns that use recycled fuels and other recoverable products to produce a lightweight aggregate that is used in bridges, buildings, specialized fill, and growing media for green roofs. Norlite achieves 99.9995% destruction removal efficiency on the most difficult to incinerate organic materials. Processes are in place at Norlite to ensure the integrity of the waste storage tanks and kiln system. Operating conditions are constantly monitored to ensure that fuel is burned completely. In addition, emissions are carefully monitored, controlled and treated to prevent air pollution. Norlite sets the standard found in the new hazardous waste combustor MACT regulations for lightweight aggregate kilns.

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