Air Mover and Guzzler Services

Tradebe's fleet includes Guzzler/Air Mover equipment that uses a combination of vacuum and air flow to convey and capture material from a tank, silo, pit, railcar or even a pile of material on the ground.  

High-Velocity Air Vacuum Movers / Guzzlers are also used to transport bulk material such as powder, sand, gravel, grain, flour, carbon black, etc - as long as the material can flow through a six to eight-inch hose and has a flashpoint greater than 150 degrees. Once we capture the material, we can move it to another location, place it in drums/totes or dispose of it as required.

This equipment is designed to remove both wet and dry materials, including flammable liquids, paint sludges, oily sludges, powders and other hard-to-remove materials.

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