Vendors & Partners

Vendors & Partners
Vendors & Partners

As a leader in sustainable waste management, Tradebe seeks only professional vendors and partners that focus their priority on providing safe services and high-quality products that will, in turn, increase the value of our services to our clients.

Purchase Orders: Tradebe requires valid purchase order numbers on all invoices submitted for payment.  

For more information regarding our requirements, please visit the tab below for Invoicing & Payments. 


Our Contractor Safety Management Program is organized to outline Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) requirements to ensure that Tradebe’s utilization and management of a contractor (including the contractor employees and subcontractors) and the execution of their scope of work is completed in a safe and compliant manner in conjunction with Tradebe policies, procedures and practices.

The program applies to contractors, vendors, temporary labor providers and others who perform activities such as modifying, repairing, adding, removing, resting, commissioning or qualifying any equipment, facility or infrastructure on Tradebe US properties or in partnership with Tradebe US operations at Customer sites.  This process must be completed every two years.


Prior to performing work, contractors, vendors, temporary labor providers, and others must:

  • Download Tradebe's Contractors' Pre-Qualification Form below and complete.  
  • Submit the completed questionnaire form, along with all supporting documentation, to our EHS team at


Download Contractors' Pre-Qualification Form

Interested in becoming an approved for-hire transporter for Tradebe:

  • Download and complete Tradebe's Transporter Authorization Packet to be considered.
  • Submit the completed Packet, along with all required documentation, to our logistics team at


Download Tradebe’s Transporter Authorization Packet 


Annual Reauthorization for-hire transporter for Tradebe:

  • In January, download and complete Tradebe's Transporter Reauthorization Packet to be considered.
  • Submit the completed Packet, along with all required documentation, to our logistics team at 


Download Tradebe’s Reauthorization Packet 

  • Tradebe requires valid purchase order numbers on all invoices submitted for payment.
  •  Invoices with proper documentation and valid purchase order number should be submitted electronically to 
  • Tradebe prefers to make payments via Electronic Funds Transfer.  If you haven't activated EFT payments and are a current or new vendor of Tradebe, please download, complete and submit the EFT form to 


Download Tradebe’s EFT Form

Generally speaking, our business partners have a commercial, long-term interest in their business relationship with Tradebe. We respect this and work to create a mutually beneficial relationship. However, we also expect “best practices” from our business partners in terms of safety, quality of products, competitive pricing, and outstanding, reliable service.

We expect our business partners and suppliers to comply not only with laws and internationally established business rules but also to take their social and environmental responsibilities seriously.

Occasionally when dealing with business partners and suppliers we are offered gifts and/or entertainment-related items. It is the policy of Tradebe that we do not accept or give items above a low nominal value.
Items of nominal value such as a fruit basket or office desk gifts like notepads or pens are acceptable. Gifts should in no way be construed as an acceptance of a vendor or business relationship.