TXMAS Smart-Buy

Tradebe's TXMAS Smart Buy Program

As the exclusive environmental, waste management provider for the Texas TXMAS Smart Buy Program, Tradebe is a trusted partner specializing in non-hazardous and hazardous waste reclamation, recycling and disposal.

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Tradebe's TXMAS Smart Buy Program also includes:


Chemical Lab Packaging & Removal

  • Lab Clean-outs & Relocations
  • Expired/Used/Unwanted Chemicals
  • Lecture Bottles
  • Bio Specimens


Specialized Waste Solutions

  • Universal Waste (lightbulbs, paint, batteries...)
  • Maintenance and Shop Waste (oil, antifreeze, grease, lubricants...)
  • Mercury Waste Removal
  • Gas Cylinder Removal
  • Pesticides


Tradebe’s highly trained professionals are experienced and knowledgable in handling virtually all hazardous materials that accumulate as a natural part of work, production or research.


Typically, these materials are obsolete, off-specification, leaking or unidentified and frequently stored in an unsafe manner.

They are potentially dangerous if left unattended. Identification and management is a job for knowledgeable professionals. Many different hazards can often be found at just one site.




Our Clients

Clients that choose Tradebe to manage their waste chemicals with an environmentally sound, safe turnkey service include:

  • Academic institutions (all types, including colleges, high schools, etc.)
  • Laboratories (all types)
  • Hospitals
  • Government instillations



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