SDS | Solids Distillation System

SDS offers generators an effective and cost-efficient method for recycling organic solid waste that might otherwise be disposed of. 
SDS extracts the organics from hazardous waste solids to recover viable products for reuse.  

Our patented Solids Distillation System, (SDS), is a positive step forward in sustainable waste recycling technology.  

Prior to SDS technology, most organic hazardous waste solids were incinerated in a process designed to destroy the organic content by driving off volatiles and burning excess gases.

SDS2  is TRADEBE's second SDS unit with enhanced technology offering the same environmental benefits with twice the capacity -

 Wastes suitable for SDS include:

  •    Paints and Paint-related Debris
  •    Resins
  •    Polymers
  •    Solvent-soaked Rags
  •    Other Organic Solids & Debris

SDS is a multi-stage process including waste container conveyance and shredding, indirect thermal desorption, scrap metal recycling anddistillation of recovered organic liquids.

TRADEBE introduced the original SDS technology in 2004 to address the growing need for recycling of hazardous wastes.

SDS Benefits and Facts:  
SDS promotes recycling, reclamation and reuse! 

  • SDS reclaims valuable constituents found in solid hazardous waste and reduces the demand for virgin chemicals.                                                      
  • SDS conserves energy while keeping waste out of the environment. 

 True Recycling Technology 

  • Hazardous waste processed through SDS is recycled - receiving the waste management code H020 for (distillation and recovery); generators may be eligible for recycling credits with state regulatory agencies. 


  • Waste can be received in various size containers from small cans to cubic yard boxes.  Metal, plastic and fiber drums are processed with equal efficiency, eliminating costly and potentially unsafe handling and repackaging on site at generator locations.  


  • With the addition of the SDS2 unit, the total production capacity of SDS has increased from 12,000 tons per year to 36,000 tons per year.

SDS operations located at TRADEBE's East Chicago, IN facility




Detailed information: 

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