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The Research Triangle, located in North Carolina within the intersection of the cities of Durham, Chapell Hill and Raleigh, is one of the most important Research hubs in the US, hosting numerous Life Sciences, Pharma and Biotechnology firms.

As part of their core activities, companies operating in these industries naturally accumulate chemicals or other hazardous materials that require a proper technical management to minimize risks or accidents. Identifying, handling and processing those materials is a job for knowledgeable professionals.

Tradebe’s Technical Services Team provides comprehensive, safe, reliable and sustainable solutions, leveraging extensive field experience and all-encompassing in-house technologies.

Now with a dedicated Service Center in the area, Tradebe is able to offer immediate response times and short transportation distances to better serve customers.


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Main services offered:


​Small quantity containers of used laboratory chemicals, whether they are obsolete, off-spec, leaking or contain unidentified substances, they are potentially dangerous if left unattended. To prevent it and keep your team and your laboratories safe, we offer:

  • A dedicated team of degreed chemists highly prepared to handle a broad variety of chemicals in the safest possible way and in compliance with all regulatory standards.

  • An integral management service that includes a de-packing step in our facilities, allowing us to select the best treatment technologies for each material and look for the best fit with customer’s sustainability and financial needs.


Capable to process a broad range of compressed gas cylinders, Tradebe is a leading provider of Cylinder Management services in the US, with unique internal capabilities:

  • State-of-the-art processing technologies at our plant in Indiana, one of the few facilities in the US technically capable to process a wide spectrum of these materials, including acid gases, reactives and unkowns.

  • An experienced team of technical cylinder specialists that will perform an assessment of the cylinders on-site and determine the most appropriate way for handling, processing and disposal.

Lab Moves

For laboratories outgrowing their current site and needing additional space, or that are relocating, we offer:

  • Demonstrated expertise in end-to-end management for any type of laboratory moves, following the highest safety standards.

  • Our services include identifying, sorting and packing the chemicals, safe and compliant transportation, and final de-packing at the desired destination.


Other Services provided in the area:

  • Full-Time or Part-Time On-Site Services

  • Remote Opening For Hazardous Materials

  • Industrial Cleaning

  • Sustainable Waste Recycling

  • Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal

  • Emergency Response Services in the area


Both On Demand and On-Site services are available.


For more information:

Tradebe has a dedicated Service Center in the Research Triangle area.


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