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Tradebe RCRA Compliance Training

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Professional Trainers | Real-World Hazardous RCRA/DOT Training 

  • Regional RCRA/DOT Training Seminars 

Simply select one of the regional seminars below from the list of locations and dates.

  • Customized, On-Site Compliance Training Programs

Our professional trainers can customize a training course for your organization to meet your specific needs. 


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Tradebe's Experienced Corporate Trainers Conduct the Training Seminars and Provide Educational Materials

A continental breakfast and deli lunch will be provided.  This training seminar will satisfy the 49 CFR 172.704, 40 CFR 262.34 and 265.16 training requirements.  Each attendee will receive a Tradebe Training Manual, pocket Emergency Response Guide, pocket DOT Hazardous Materials guidebook, pocket EPA Hazardous Waste guidebook, and a Certificate of Completion.



RCRA Compliance Training Schedule:

  • Baton Rouge (LA) Training Seminar – 6/7/23
  • Atlanta (GA) Seminar – 8/01/23
  • Houston (TX) Seminar – 9/14/23
  • Chicagoland (IL) – 10/5/23

Tradebe's Regional Training Seminar Topics: 


  • Solid Waste Defined
  • Hazardous Waste Defined
  • RCRA Defined
  • State Regulations
  • Hazardous Waste Determination & Coding
  • Universal Waste
  • RCRA Empty Containers
  • Generator Status
  • Generator Requirements
  • Land Disposal Restriction
  • Contingency Planning


  • DOT Training Requirements
  • Hazardous Materials and Definitions
  • Hazard Classes
  • Packing Groups
  • The Hazardous Materials Table (172.101)
  • The Precedence of Hazards Table
  • Proper Shipping Descriptions
  • Hazardous Materials Packages
  • Performance Oriented Packaging
  • Container Closure
  • Labeling & Marking
  • Shipping Paperwork (Hazardous Waste Manifest)


For more information or to arrange a customized on-location training course,