Vacuum Tanker Services

A vacuum truck is a tank truck with a heavy duty vacuum designed to pneumatically load liquid, sludge or slurry through suction lines typically 2-4″ in diameter.

Tradebe's fleet of vacuum trucks handle liquids, such as acids, caustics, oil, flammable liquids, paint sludges, oily sludges, septic waste, wastewater and brine - our fleet includes equipment with various capacity Vacuum Straight Trucks as well as Vacuum Tankers, Stainless Steel and more to handle all of your transportation needs.

This equipment is designed to remove both wet and dry materials, including flammable liquids, paint sludges, oily sludges, powders and other hard-to-remove materials.

TRADEBE's Vacuum Fleet Includes:

  • Vacuum Trucks
  • Vacuum Trailers
  • Air Movers / Guzzlers
  • High Capacity Vacuum Trucks
  • Stainless Steel Vacuum Trucks
  • Pump Tankers
  • Bulk Tankers 

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