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Tradebe’s highly skilled personnel are among the most well-trained and best-equipped disaster response teams available in our industry today. 

In absence of vaccines or medications, one of the most effective ways communities and businesses can help mitigate the spread of infectious diseases is by contracting a professional environmental services company to perform Bio-Decontamination of Hospitals, Labs, Offices, Factories, Schools, Universities, Warehouses and other buildings where contamination is suspected or confirmed.


Tradebe’s team is experienced and equipped to decontaminate touch-surfaces using chemicals that are known to kill these potentially-deadly viruses removing the contaminants and disposing and destoying of the hazardous materials removed from the site.


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Our goal is simple: ensure your problems are solved safely and efficiently so that you can focus on your team’s well-being while reducing the disruption and downtime of your operations.


“Tradebe’s emergency response team is experienced in managing various biological threats having responded during past infectious outbreaks including MERS, H1N1 and Anthrax. 

Call us today - you can count on our team to provide your business or organization with peace of  mind and to ensure your facility is clean and safe for your employees and customers.” 

– Jordan Denney, VP Tradebe Field Services







To schedule a Confidential Consultation, please fill out the form >> and submit and someone will contact you ASAP;

or, for Emergency Response call us now at (800) 914-9111.








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