What is a Lab Pack?

What is a "Lab Pack"?

A Lab Pack or "LabPack" is a term used to describe a container - typically a 55 gallon fiber or steel drum - filled with various small quantity containers of chemicals typical in a laboratory or similar space. 

The small containers within the drum are usually packed in an inert material such as vermiculite or other such material that allows safe transport of the waste chemicals for Lab Pack Disposal 


What do our Chemists do on site?

Tradebe's degreed chemist team will identify and categorize all chemicals, prepare a complete inventory, package all chemicals on-site according to strict DOT and EPA guidelines, label and transport your lab pack chemicals to our Tradebe specialized Depack TSDF where we safely and efficiently segregate lab pack chemicals in order to recycle as much material as possible.  The remaining material is disposed of using the Best Demonstrated Available Technologies, BDAT. 

Once our team has arrived on your site, our chemists will...

• Identify all Chemicals
• Classify, Segregate, and Package all Chemical Waste
• Prepare a detailed Chemical Inventory
• Package all Chemicals in DOT-approved Containers
• Satisfy all DOT and EPA Labeling Requirements
• Prepare Manifests and other necessary shipping documents
• Ship & Transport your Packaged Chemicals Safely to a Tradebe DePack TSDF facility for Processing and Lab Pack Disposal 


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Tradebe's Technical Services also include:

Lab Pack Disposal

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