Tradebe's New Safety Slogan - What Does It Mean?

Tradebe's New Safety Slogan - Why & What Does It Mean?
Tradebe USA

“Be Safe - Work Safe. Safety is No Accident!”

Why so Safety-centric at Tradebe?

For Tradebe, safety isn't just a topic for a Monday morning meeting. - Safety is a state of mind every month, every week, every day, every job, and for every team member.  

What does Tradebe’s Safety Slogan mean?

 “Be Safe – Work Safe.  Safety is No Accident” is personal to us – our front-line team members collaborated with our Safety team to develop it. Here’s a bit more about what it means to us…

  • “Be Safe”: The act of protecting one from, or not exposing one to, danger or risk.  

This defines our responsibility to fully identify and define the hazards associated with our operations and activities.  We must take every measure to either remove the hazards and risks or to ensure that adequate protection from the hazards and risks is always afforded to our team members and all involved.

  • “Work Safe”: The completion of a task while ensuring the result of protecting one from or not exposing one to danger or risk.

This defines our team members’ responsibility to ensure that safety drives the results of our work at a significance greater than task completion.  

  • “Safety is No Accident”: Protecting one from, or not exposing one to, danger or risk is not an event that happens by chance.  Consistent safety happens when we act intentionally and on purpose - not by accident. 

As a team, we must plan for, strive for, and work for safety.  This reward cannot be left to chance and will not occur without continuous focus and improvement.

Our goal is to not only keep Safety in the forefront of what we do at Tradebe - but to also share our philosophy for the benefit of others!  Ideas or requests for future Safety topics or Safety posters?  Email us at

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“Be Safe - Work Safe. Safety is No Accident!”

Jeremy Paradis, Director of Health & Safety, Tradebe USA

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We recently released the first edition in our Safety Poster series:  "Top 10 Winter Safety Tips".  

If you didn't get a chance to download that poster to print and display for your team - we encourage you to Download it now.








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