Tradebe's EMR Rating Now 0.57

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Tradebe is proud to announce the designation of the Company’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR) for 2019 as 0.57.  

This new rating is effective December 31, 2018 and represents an improvement from the 2018 rate of 0.72. Tradebe’ s EMR rate has declined more than 50% over the last 4 years as a result of our focus on a culture of safety. 

"There is nothing more important than the safety of our team members and our clients. Safety is imperative to not only our business, but also for every person involved.  I want to know that as a team we've done everything in our power to make sure everyone goes home at the end of the day accident-free,” says Jeff Beswick, Tradebe USA CEO.

Due to the support of the entire Tradebe organization, our EHS-related programs, improved practices, and incredible efforts have been amazingly successful. This success is real, very significant and measurable!

The downward trend can be seen in the EMR ratings achieved since 2016: 

  • 2016 EMR = 1.26
  • 2017 EMR = 1.02
  • 2018 EMR = 0.72
  • 2019 EMR = 0.57

What is EMR?

EMR is a very important safety performance indicator, created by the National Council of Compensation Insurance (“NCCI”), and is used not only by insurance companies in determining workers compensation insurance premiums but by our customers when evaluating and comparing potential service vendors.   EMR measures a company’s accident and injury prevention and management, as well as gauges a company’s safety performance and culture.  Notably, EMR is a multi-year trailing indicator, which means injuries that occurred up to three years in the past impact a company’s current year EMR. 

Why Does EMR Matter?

An EMR of 1.0 indicates a company’s safety performance is the same as other companies in the same designated industry (the standard average), whereas an EMR lower than 1.0 - which is always our goal - indicates a company is better (works safer) than other companies in the same industry.  Conversely, an EMR of greater than 1.0 indicates that a company is at a higher risk of workplace injuries as compared to other companies in our industry. 

At Tradebe, our Priority is Safety and the Protection of People and the Environment. 

Tradebe's EH&S Observation program is a critical factor in our behavior-based EH&S program. Also, the EH&S Scorecard is another vital tool that results in hazard mitigation prior to an incident, i.e., an effecting leading indicator. 

Over the past several years, Tradebe's team has worked exceptionally hard to identify and control risks associated with safety incidents. Our senior management team has completed hundreds of EH&S related audits at our facilities as well as in the field.  The results show that safety performance is an expectation of our daily work activities - simply put, Tradebe is leading in and practicing a culture of safety.

“Be Safe - Work Safe. Safety is No Accident!”


Jeremy Paradis, Director of Health & Safety, Tradebe USA

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