Tradebe Expands Recycle/Reuse Capacity in the US

Tradebe Expands Recycle/Reuse Capacity in the US
Tradebe USA

Tradebe Expands Recycle/Reuse Capacity in the US

Tradebe is increasing its capacity for Recycle / Reuse at its East Chicago, IN facility

This expansion allows us to improve internal operations and better serve our customers. Our updates include the addition of two (2) 20,000-gallon cone bottom tanks, as well as facility enhancements for the storage of solvent feedstock material. This significant upgrade to our capability provides industry leaders in automotive, chemical manufacturing, petroleum recovery and other sectors with increased opportunity for gains in sustainability and cost management.


Tradebe is a leader in solvent distillation & refining in the US market handling approximately 4,000,000 gallons of spent solvent in 2018 with increased volumes projected in 2019.


Our services include toll recovery for customer streams, used solvent refining, and commercial production of a fuel-substitute product developed in-house.

With recovery yields as high as 80%, Tradebe’s Recycle / Reuse group helps its customers in reducing hazardous solvent waste, saving money and achieving their sustainability goals.


DeVaughn K. Lane

Business Development and Customer Intelligence Manager, Tradebe USA

Contact us now for more information on our Recycle/Reuse services. 

or read more on our Chemical Reuse program now.


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Tradebe is a leading, global company in the environmental sector serving various markets including industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, etc. We offer our services in Europe (UK, Spain, France and Germany), the US and the Middle East.  Tradebe employs over 2,500 people worldwide and operates 82 facilities across Spain (31), United Kingdom (22), United States (25), France (2), Oman (1) and Germany (1).

For more information on how Tradebe can assist you with your goals of sustainable waste recycling, please call us at (800) 388-7242 Nationwide or contact us for more information. 

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