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Creative Tools for Safety Training Retention

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What if I told you that the key to Learning Retention is having Fun? Gamification and Training Escape Rooms for starters!

The world of corporate training comes with a unique set of challenges.  At Tradebe, we have a regulatory obligation to train our team members to perform their jobs in a safe manner - not just for their own benefit, but also their coworkers, our clients, our communities and the environment. 



Building a successful Safety Training program requires the following:

  • Engaging and relevant content,
  • Applicable, real-world content,
  • Fosters an individual’s curiosity,
  • Encourages teamwork,
  • Promotes retention


Successful Safety Training must instill the importance of safety and a sense of ownership in our team member's individual safety efforts - not an easy task.



One of the most important things to consider is that not every employee learns in the same way.



There are three basic types of Learners:


  • Auditory Learners: These types of employees learn best from listening to instruction, asking questions, making comments, and receiving verbal feedback from the trainer that validates their learning.


  • Visual Learners: These types of employees require stimulation to the imaginative side of their brain. Videos, illustrations, charts, and graphs help to demonstrate the subject matter.


  • Kinesthetic Learners: These types of employees need movement and physical stimulation to learn. They benefit best from training that involves group exercises, hands-on demonstrations, and even props or tools.



Understanding how people learn is a driving force behind learning innovation. Coming up with new training ideas and iterating on existing programs are invaluable in developing a successful corporate training program. 



Compliance Training Gamification could be the keys to success!



Although it has been met with some criticism, gamification of learning has its benefits. By maximizing enjoyment and engagement, compliance training gamification can:

  • capture the interest of employees,
  • inspire them to continue learning,
  • and create “sticky” learning experiences.


“Escape rooms” are a surprising learning innovation to capitalize on training gamification.  An “escape room” doesn’t need to be a physical place but can be delivered in the form of hands-on puzzles, clues, and locked boxes to reach the same results.  



Even from the entertainment side of things, escape rooms encourage critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills.  All three are highly valued when it comes to a corporate workforce.  The puzzles can also be created to cater to our different styles of learners as explained above.

Now imagine designing an escape room puzzle that revolves around a real-world work scenario. Every action, clue, and answer tied to solving that scenario would be the correct steps the employees would need to take in real life. 

By challenging your employees to recall what they’ve already learned, you are bolstering their subject matter expertise all the while maintaining attention, engagement, and encouraging curiosity. A debrief after the escape room gives an opportunity to reflect on the steps the employees took to solve the puzzle and reinforce the retention of the training material.


Being open to innovating and iterating on our training methods is key to providing the best training we can in an ever-changing workforce. Employees are no different than customers. If we are to “sell” our employees on the importance of training, then we need to be ready at every turn to meet their needs and provide a quality product.







Need help with your Safety and Compliance Training Programs? 

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“Be Safe - Work Safe. Safety is No Accident!”

Erika Reichard, Regional Training Manager, Tradebe USA

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