Paint and Coatings Sustainable Waste Management

Tradebe is an International Environmental Services Leader - Specializing in Sustainable Waste Recycling and Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Reclamation, Treatment and Disposal with a Priority on Safety and Compliance.  

For the Paint and Coating industry and others, Tradebe meets the needs of waste generators by reducing their environmental exposure to end disposal, like incineration, by offering sustainable waste recycling options unlike others.



Tradebe’s unique capabilities and services can also help your business to achieve your sustainability goals and possibly improve your environmental spend.


Why Have Waste Generators Trusted Tradebe for Nearly 40 years?

  • Turnkey Environmental Solutions
  • Unique, Innovative Recycling Options that meet Sustainability Goals   
  • Decades of Experience with a Team of Industry Professionals
  • Dedicated Culture of Safety and Environmental Compliance Excellence


Tradebe serves both small (SQG) and large quantity (LQG) hazardous waste generators in all markets that generate waste including not only the paint and coatings market but also others -  manufacturing, chemical, petroleum, pharma/biotech, healthcare, steel, transportation and railcar, education as well as municipalities.  


Tradebe offers several unique recycling technologies that the paint and coatings industry take advantage of including:

Solids Distillation System, (SDS):

Organic Sludge and Solids Distillation is a patented Hazardous Waste Recycling Technology used to create energy from high calorific value hazardous materials recycling hazardous waste that would otherwise be disposed of. SDS, validated by the EPA as legitimate recycling, helps to reduce greenhouse gases. Wastes Suitable for SDS include paints, resins, polymers, solvent-soaked rags and debris. As example, Tradebe has partnered with many businesses in the paint and coatings industry to eliminate the disposal of their waste rags and debris streams.  These wastes are now recycled by Tradebe through SDS providing our clients with a substantial increase in recycling credits and their sustainability score.

Chemical Recovery and Recycling:

Commercial Chemical and Solvent Distillation; Beneficial Recycle | Reuse program; reducing generator liability, demand for virgin chemicals and environmental impacts. As example, Tradebe has partnered with many paint and coatings businesses to eliminate the incineration of their bulk solvents and acetone streams.  As a sustainable solutions provider, Tradebe recycles these waste streams for these businesses. By taking advantage of these sustainable waste management opportunities, our clients turn a business expense into a profit by use of environmentally-beneficial recycle-reuse.


Sustainability at Work.  It’s more than a tagline.  It’s what we do every day at Tradebe.


Schedule a complimentary sustainable waste management consultation now. We will assist you in analyzing your current waste generation and design a waste management strategy to take advantage of sustainable recycling options available to you.