Temperatures are Falling! Stay Safe and Avoid Hypothermia

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Temperatures are Falling - Stay Safe!

Staying safe this winter is not only about being aware but also learning how to avoid Hypothermia and Frostbite -  very real safety concerns during frigid temperatures that many regions of the US are experiencing this week.  

If you must be outdoors - limit your time outside and be prepared by knowing the basics of how to prevent and recognize the symptoms.  In the environmental industry as well as other industries, many workers generally spend long hours outdoors as part of their job responsibilities. 


Extreme weather brings the necessity for extreme precautions! Prolonged exposure to extreme conditions outdoors can cause core body temperatures to drop below 95 degrees quickly.  



Frostbite can strike before you realize it because it causes numbness as the skin freezes.

According to www.webmd.com, during cold weather, most heat is lost from the skin and the lungs (exhaling).  And it is not all about the cold temperatures - but also the wind chill and potential for your body to become damp if precipitation is occurring.
The CDC.org has published a helpful guide:  Avoid, Spot and Treat Frostbite and Hypothermia    
Resources:  www.cdc.orgwww.webmd.com
“Be Safe - Work Safe. Safety is No Accident!”


We recently released the first edition in our Safety Poster series:  "Top 10 Winter Safety Tips".   If you didn't get a chance to download that poster to print and display for your team - we encourage you to Download it now

Ideas or requests for future Safety topics or Safety Posters?  Email us at us.communications@tradebe.com


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