Accident Investigation: Root Cause and Corrective Actions are a must!

Accident Investigation: Root Cause and Corrective Actions are a must!
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Accident Investigation: Root Cause and Corrective Actions are a Must!


Minimization of incidents and accidents is a key objective of safety leaders.

To achieve this objective, the first step is to establish a process and an expectation that all accidents and potential hazards will be reported and investigated.  This includes even the most minor property damage incidents, safety near misses as well as potential hazards.


Report > Respond > Collect > Analyze > Correct

Accident Investigation begins with an effective response to the incident. Ensuring that the health and safety of anyone who has been injured is first and foremost, followed by the collection of evidence and information.  The next steps are crucial in the process and must be taken to complete the analysis of data collected to get to the root causes of the incident. Finally, define and implement the appropriate corrective actions. 


Consider these resources to help you define your Accident Investigation protocol:



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