Pharmaceutical Biotech

Comprehensive, Turnkey Waste Management including Sustainable Waste Recycling, Hazardous Waste Disposal and Emergency Response.

Some of the most common services performed for the Pharma Biotech industry are Laboratory Chemical Packing and On-Site Services.  

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  • Highly-skilled, degreed chemists experienced in chemical waste identification, segregation, collection, packaging and removal. 
    • On-site support includes the management of:
      • waste solutions program on a routine basis as required by our clients;
      • waste streams utilizing Sustainable Recycling technologies in order to Reduce Waste, Control Costs and Limit Liability;
      • complex items like Cylinders, Highly Reactive materials, and others that are difficult to treat or handle.
  • Tradebe is the transporter and end facility for a great portion of the waste we manage - 
    • Tradebe owns and operates a fleet of Transportation, On-site and Field Service equipment that includes over 300 vehicles;
    • Network of 28 facilities includes permitted TSDFs, Technical Service Lab Pack Service Centers, Transfer Stations, Petroleum Reclamation Facility, Emergency Response Service Centers and more. 
  • Tradebe's Chemical De-packaging Processing Facility in IN is state-of-the-art and one of few in the US today. 



Experience and Technology Matter – Tradebe has led the Environmental Services Industry in Sustainable Waste Recycling for nearly 40 years. Tradebe is committed to the waste hierarchy focusing on reclaim, recycle and reuse. 

Sustainability is at the heart of Tradebe’s operations, so we provide the most environmentally-sound and economical solution available when treating your laboratory waste.



Tradebe provides safe, compliant environmental services.  With our clients' best interests in mind, Tradebe is focused on the protection of people and the environment while providing the most sustainable waste recycling options available today. With extensive knowledge of Pharma and Bio speciality waste requirements, Tradebe is the name you can trust to assist you in simplifying your waste management while maintaining safety and regulatory compliance. 




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