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Tradebe Company Overview: Sustainability At Work

Tradebe Company Overview: Sustainability At Work

Tradebe Environmental Services, LLC Corporate Overview

List of Services
Summary of Tradebe Services and Capabilities


Tradebe Waste Profile
Tradebe Environmental Services, LLC Waste Profile


Tradebe Profile Recertification Form

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Sustainable Waste Management

Solvent Distillation
Tradebe operates 3 unique distillation units to recycle and reclaim industrial solvents.
Solid Distillation System (SDS2)
Tradebe's patented technology to recycle solid material contaminated with organic solvents.
Fuels Blending and Energy Recovery
Tradebe's Fuel Blending program and information on Norlite Corporation, a Tradebe Subsidiary which produces a lightweight aggregate using substitute fuel.
Chemical Reuse
Tradebe redirects chemicals into an industrial reuse program.  This minimizes the energy and resources spent on creating new chemicals for industrial applications.
Technical "Lab Pack" Services 
Tradebe identifies and categorizes obsolete, off-spec and/or unidentified chemicals for transportation and disposal.
Cylinder Management
Tradebe offers comprehensive gas cylinder management services.
Household Hazardous Waste
Tradebe offers a complete household hazardous waste collection service
Tradebe sells a wide variety of Absorbent Materials for Environmental Compliance
UNIBin Containers
Tradebe offers UNIBin containers for non-hazardous waste accumulation and storage

Refinery Sludge Disposal at Essroc
Tradebe offers a waste to energy disposal option for refinery waste

Industrial Services


Field Services
Tradebe has been an industry leader for nearly 40 years, providing a wide range of tank cleaning and other field services


Oil & Gas Services
Serving the Upstream, Refinery, Terminal & Pipeline Industries


Site Evaluation & Remediation
Tradebe offers comprehensive site remediation services.

PDF Emergency Response
Tradebe offers emergency response services 24/7/365
Oil Water Separator and Catch Basin Services
Tradebe offers industrial cleaning services to reduce cost and risk.
Solid Waste Roll-off Services
Tradebe offers them most economical roll-off service with the smallest environmental footprint.

On-Site Technology


Refinery Waste Recycling
Coker feed preparation and upgrading heavy oils using centrifugation.


Refinery Waste Minimization
Tradebe Onsite Services provides sludge processing solutions including pre-treatment, centrifugation, stabilization or thermal treatments.  This is done through a semi-fixed and fixed plant solutions tailored to suit your specific needs.