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Handing Over to the Next Generation at Tradebe
Handing Over to the Next Generation at Tradebe Victor Creixell will take up the position of Tradebe Environmental ServicesGlobal CEO as of July 2017

Victor Creixell, Executive Director, Tradebe...

Tradebe Acquires Badger Disposal of WI

Tradebe Environmental Services, LLC, an international leader in waste reclamation and recycling solutions, completed the purchase of Badger Disposal of WI, Inc. Badger is now Tradebe Treatment and...


“This acquisition will leverage the combined expertise of Tradebe and FREG to provide significant opportunities to serve our combined business in the Southeastern US”.  “FREG was founded as a family owned company, having a long-standing reputation of excellent customer service. Tradebe is very proud to incorporate FREG and Clearwater Environmental into our...


"TRADEBE has provided the university with several innovative and environmentally friendly disposal techniques that may not be available at other facilities.  Through TRADEBE fuel blending, solvent reclamation, and other programs, our university has sent 72% of our hazardous waste for recycling/reuse. The professionalism of their staff is...

University of South Carolina

"TRADEBE coached us in developing a hazardous waste program for each of our facilities and organized a cost effective pick up schedule that reduced our transportation costs.  They have been a great help in development and training for healthcare leadership." 

Director of EHS...

Ministry Healthcare System